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Kamal Soft was established as a continuation of the founders ’long experience in the field of information technology, cyber and information security. The Foundation was established at the beginning of 2020 to provide smart and modern solutions to most of the problems facing the labor market in the field of information technology in addition to providing information systems and computerization of operations according to the best global methodologies and tools In information systems, through harnessing the long experience of our team and appropriate systems to deeply understand customer requirements and provide the best solutions and systems appropriate to the Saudi labor market and keep pace with the future of technology in the regional and global labor market.


The national partner in IT consulting and solutions and the leader locally, regionally and globally in the field of cybersecurity and information technology.


Providing the best modern technology solutions and keeping pace with the Saudi labor market in accordance with the best global methodologies and methods and with creative and qualified national hands and expertise to contribute to the development of infrastructure and computerization of processes and systems in the Saudi and regional labor market by providing quality services to keep pace with the future of global technology.



Kamal Soft provides unique and distinguished services in the field of technology, systems, and information technology, characterized by modernity, development, and quality, based on the actual needs of customers and the Saudi labor market.


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Team work

Kamal Soft relies on the expertise of our professional team with a high level of experience, creativity, and high qualifications, and Kamal Soft works to provide the best solutions according to international methodologies and standards and keeping pace, which contributes to meeting the requirements and needs of customers.


Output Quality

Kamal Soft always seeks to apply the highest standards in quality and commitment to the development and continuous evaluation of its services in order to raise the level of service and its delivery mechanism as well as the quality of performance and outputs, in order to ensure access to the best results and high levels of quality to achieve the goals of our customers.


Tools & methods

KamalSoft team depends on the latest scientific systems and methodologies as well as uses the finest and most modern equipment and tools to perfect technical business outputs and to realize that the best investment is a real investment in human capital so Kamal Soft seeks to constantly develop, train and empower its cadres.

Work Methodology

Kamal Soft adopts a distinct methodology that has helped us over the past years of serving our customers to provide our services in the best possible way and has also contributed to raising the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of the outputs as the methodology begins with the customer and ends for the customer.

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